Tile and Grout Cleaning

3D Cleaning Toowoomba and Highfields use a unique tile and grout cleaning process to restore your tiles and grout to “like new”. We employ a 4 step cleaning process to remove dirt and soils from your ageing grout and can offer resealing as a final step to keep dirt out in the future.

Our 4 step process involves

  1. Pre-treating tiles and grout with an alkaline cleaning solution
  2. Power scrubbing tiles and grout lines with special brushes to loosen dirt and soil
  3. Extract and Power rinse using a high pressure neutralising solution that helps repel future soiling
  4. Speed dry your tile and grout using high speed fans
  5. (optional) we can seal your grout as a final step

A typical Kitchen, Lounge, Dining room and Hallway (approx 45sqm) will cost around $290 ($6.50p/sqm) for large square or rectangular tiles (30cm+)

floor befoer and after

shower before and after


Our minimum service cost for tile cleaning is charge at $97.50 or 15sqm

Our basic service is suitable for cleaning man made tiles but we can also offer cleaning of natural stone using stone safe cleaning solutions. Please advise when booking if your tiles are made from natural stone (slate etc.)

Call us on 0478708298 to book your service and ask about savings when you combine your carpet cleaning at the same time.

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