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Upholstery Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Upholstery Cleaning and Maintenance Tips: How to Properly Care for your Upholstered Sofas and Lounge Suites

Upholstery Cleaning

Toowoomba Upholstery CleaningYour furniture plays a crucial role in complementing the overall look and feel of your home. And like most homeowners, your upholstered sofa set perhaps cost you a fortune. Therefore, you certainly want to protect this huge investment and preserve its glory for many years to come. Fall in love with your lounge all over again by simply following these tips below on how to properly care for your upholstered sofas and lounge suites:

• Just like carpets, your upholstered sofa should be regularly vacuumed to steer clear of abrasive dust particles from accumulating and causing damage. Dust builds up as quickly as it does on hard surfaces, so you should vacuum your sofa at least twice a month.

• Rearrange the throw pillows every now and then to maintain their natural form and get even exposure. Besides, most sofa cushions are reversible but people seem to overlook this. So be sure to flip them over the next time you vacuum to evenly spread out the wear and extend the life of your furniture.

• Loose dirt, debris and hair can be eliminated from your sofa by using a lint roller or sticky tape. Similar results can be accomplished by covering your hands with Sellotape and then wiping your hands against the upholstery. Another method to get rid of hair from your furniture is by wearing wet rubber gloves and dab your hands across the upholstery. Doing so catches hairs and allows you to easily roll them into a bundle and throw away.

• Place your upholstered lounge away from direct sunlight because it can cause your sofa to discolour or fade. Thus, avoid intense sun exposure by all means to maintain its original colour and lustre. Close the curtains or blinds when you’re out to block the harmful sun rays. Plus, don’t put newspaper and similar items that may bleed ink onto the fabric upholstery.

• If something is spilled, be sure to attend to it right away by scooping out the excess using a spoon or blotting up using a clean white cloth. Careful not to spread the mess when doing so. This technique can usually eliminate a stain totally. Otherwise, use a recommended fabric cleaner for the type of upholstery you have. Just follow the instructions carefully and test on a small hidden area before using it.

If everything else fails, it’s highly advisable to WCT Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning. We can immaculately clean your sofa and restore it to a brand new-looking condition, without spending much. Moreover, we recommend having upholstery professionally cleaned every twelve months or so for maintenance—instead of waiting for it to get noticeably dirty and ugly. Besides, the dirtier  furniture gets, the harder it is to clean and bring back its original state.