Pest Control

Hybrid Pest Control

We are licensed to perform general pest management activities including flea treatments as well as spraying for spiders, ants and spiders.
pest control fleas

Flea treatments from $70 (when combined with carpet cleaning)

This is suitable for the end of lease of your rental property if you have had pets. We treat internally and externally with a knock down spray and an insect growth inhibitor to stop the cycle by killing the adults and drying out the eggs. If there is noticeable flea activity at the house then its likely you need us to treat for an infestation. If required by your lease agreement we can provide a 1 month limited warranty against the return of fleas.

Infestation treatments from $130 (includes 2 visits)

If walking through the property results in fleas being on you then we need to treat your property more thoroughly including a repeat treatment 7 days later. Having the yard mowed on a low setting, steam cleaning your carpets and mopping your hardfloors is required prior to our arrival for the treatment to be most effective. We treat internally, externally and in sub floors where accessible.


Spider treaments from $90 (when combined with carpet cleaning) $110 (without)

This is suitable for managing both internal and external webbed spiders. We do a full spray of the external portion of the house as well as entryways and internal areas where spiders are likely to reside. Its important to leave webs in place for a week after our treatment to ensure optimum results and remove after that seven days period.


Cochroach, Ants and Spider treatment from $130 (when combined with carpet cleaning) $160 (without)

This service is suitable as a preventative measure against most common household crawling insects. In addition to the surface spray in the spider treatment we use a combination of gel baits and tracking dusts to help interfere with the breeding cycle of cockroaches and if ants are a problem then we attempt to locate and treat the nest.


Thoroughly clean you property prior to our arrival including

  • Mopping of hard floors
  • Mow yard on a low setting
  • Vacuuming of carpets
  • Dust skirtings
  • Remove rubbish, organic waste, branches and other clutter from yard
  • Wipe out cupboards
  • Clean cockroach droppings
  • Move furniture away from walls