Carpet Dry Cleaning

Carpet Dry Cleaning Toowoomba

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Looking for an alternative to steam cleaning your carpets? Hybrid Carpet Cleaning Toowoomba offers a dry carpet cleaning solution that can freshen up your carpets and leave them walk on dry straight away.

Benefits of Dry Carpet Cleaning over Steam Carpet Cleaning

  • You can walk on your carpet immediately after the are cleaned
  • The carpet pH is restored to prevent rapid resoiling to keep your carpets cleaner for longer
  • Our process eliminates the possibility of your carpet shrinking
  • Dry cleaning solutions don’t leave a detergent residue in your carpet
  • Our encapsulation method means dirt and oils are trapped in crystallised structures that are then easily vacuumed away
  • Using far less moisture than conventional steam cleaning, undetected pet urine problems aren’t made worse by adding moisture to hidden bacteria in the carpet backing or underlay.

Our Pricing

Basic service 1 Room
Basic service 2 Rooms
Basic service 3 rooms
Additional Rooms
Moving of Basic Furniture
$15 per room