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Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning of Atlanta is Here to Serve You!

Oxi Fresh Brings the Power of Oxygen to Atlanta!

If you live in the Big Peach and are tired of dirty carpets, then call Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning of Atlanta! This new location can revitalize your home’s carpets, making them look fantastic.

“Oxi Fresh is different from any other carpet cleaning service out there,” said Andre Phinnessee, one member of the duo leading up this location, “We have a unique cleaning method that can rescue even the worst carpets – and customers love that about us. What they also love is that we can do that while using products and methods that are safe for kids, pets, and the planet.”

Andre, who currently works as an industrial engineer and as the VP of Strategic Planning & Operations at the local non-profit MAFDET Inc., opened Oxi Fresh with his teammate Andrea Woods. Andrea, who was a vice-chair at the Douglas Health Futures Foundation and currently works in banking, met Andre at the University of Tennessee. The two became friends and decided to open an Oxi Fresh location together.

“We’re really pleased to have Andre and Andrea as part of the Oxi Fresh family,” said Kris Antolak, Oxi Fresh’s Vice President, “They’re excellent business people who will work hard to make their Atlanta carpet cleaning customers happy. With Oxi Fresh’s oxygen-powered, green system backing them up, I know they’ll do a phenomenal job.”

As Kris points out, it’s not just results with Oxi Fresh. We’re able to rescue carpets while also being eco-friendly. Andre put it well when he said, “Oxi Fresh is about more than just carpet cleaning in Atlanta – it’s about caring for our environment. Oxi Fresh’s green process conserves water, uses safe carpet products, and is the perfect service for this community.”

One of the biggest ways Oxi Fresh is helping keep things green in Atlanta is by conserving water. Unlike an old-fashioned steam cleaner, Oxi Fresh doesn’t rely on soaking floors in dozens upon dozens of gallons of water. We get our great results while conserving 95% of the water that traditional cleaners waste.

On just one job, that means we can help save 38-58 gallons of water. Over a year, that piles up to thousands upon thousands of gallons saved. Since Oxi Fresh started in 2006, we estimate that we’ve saved the planet over 35,000,000 gallons of water!

Oxi Fresh is also proud to support This fine organization works to help families in need around the world get access to safe water. They’ve helped millions of millions of people, and we’re proud to donate to them with every job customers book online at

So schedule a carpet cleaning in Atlanta at or call (678) 365-3001. To learn more about Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning of Atlanta, go to this page:   

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